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A Coruña

Madriguera workshop is a creative workshops based on Galicia (Spain) that is passionate about design and crafts


Creative workshop


Welcome to Madriguera workshop.

We are Lydia de la Piñera and Luis Llamas, the creative couple behind Madriguera Workshop, an artisan ceramics brand.

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Our workshop is located in Galicia - Spain, from where we design and produce creative handmade ceramics for a contemporary lifestyle.

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The process is entirely handcrafted. Some pieces are made by potter’s wheel in different stoneware clays, other pieces are reproduced by plaster molds.



Our aim is to produce functional and creative designs which can be adapted to actual life. The durability of our products, high quality finishes and origine designs will add a unique timeless touch to your home, stimulating your senses.


Our pieces are distributed across different galleries and stores around the world.

In 2016, we received the Eloy Gesto of Artesanía de Galicia prize, which gave us the opportunity to train in the Tortus Copenhagen workshop.

We exhibit our work at professional fairs such as Maison & Objet Paris and we produce creations made to order for other brands and restaurants


Before being potters, Llamas was a sculptor and Lydia was a photographer and art director. In 2012, we decided that ceramics was the ideal material to develop our joint project, its worldwide possibilities captivated us.

After a lot of training and investigation, we got to know the skill involved in making something beautiful using our hands. We learned all there is to to know about the material, and after several projects, in 2015 we inaugurated Madriguera Workshop which is where we are today!

Madriguera (in Spanish means - burrow-), in reference to the small workshop where everything started. It was a small room where we spent hours and hours working without seeing the light of day.

Today we enjoy a larger work space. A workshop located on the ground floor of our home with a nice garden and a fruit and vegetable garden where we can relax outdoors and listen to the sound of the sea. A place that inspires us to continue growing slowly and continue learning about ceramics and design.